07 Jun Dog Boarding is getting busy.

We have hit our three month anniversary and it is wonderful to see the dog boarding side of Little Dog Lodgings is building nicely. We have been delighted to welcome several lovely little doggies into our home, some for one night others for a full week whilst mum and dad go on holiday. This has lead us to think about offering a special holiday rate rather than just working on a day rate as more and more people are planning their summer break, so we are delighted to introduce the following flexibility into our boarding rates.

1 and 2 days £35 per night

3 – 7 nights – £30 per night

8 nights +      £27 per night

We always ask to meet you and your dog before accepting a new visitor to the lodge and assuming we are all happy to move forward, your dog will have the full run of our house/garden and can sleep where ever they feel most comfortable. This approach has led to many happy and peaceful night here at Little Dog Lodgings and more than a few moments of waking up nose to nose with a guest who is wriggling themselves upwards the pillows ( dont blame them as they are super comfy! )