02 Mar Where did that year go.

Well March 1st saw us pop a cork and light a solo candle on a cake to celebrate our first birthday.  It has been a brilliant year and a real eye opener for us. Looking back we had cracking weather last summer, in fact right from the get go.  As I sit here in the rain, I feel perhaps we were lulled into a false sense of security.

We have had a wide range of breeds here ( all small or medium) but the overwhelming breed of choice appears to be Cockerpoo.  Obviously with our own Walter being a curly handsome Cockerpoo we completely understand the attraction as his entire reason for getting up in the morning is to give joy, cuddles and as much affection as you can deal with. Another feature of the Cockerpoo is that their enthusiasm for walks gives them the pulling power of a pack of horses.  Don has developed all kinds of ab muscles from taking out a pack of hounds each day !

This year we have developed a little family of regulars and have often been fully booked, in fact we had our first full day within 4 months of opening and are now regularly having to turn people away or encourage early bookings for holidays etc, so whilst I’m here, I’ll take the opportunity to prompt you to get in touch if you are planning a summer holiday as dates are already getting busy and we are full for the entire Easter Break coming up.

So, on we go to year two.  We’re excited to meet lots of new hounds and look forward to seeing old friends back at the Lodge where they can sit on the swing seat, lounge on one of the many beds around the house and garden or just crash out on our toes when we finally get a mo to sit down with a lovely cup of tea.

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