01 Jan Happy new year from Walter!

Well, here we are ready to contemplate some resolutions and whether or not we should be denying ourselves the delights of wine in the evening and carbs through the day… you’ll be pleased to know that contemplation and not implementation was the order of the day so we’re going to carry on carrying on and look forward to another year of looking after some of the most fabulous little doggies.

Whilst this is the start of a new year, we are looking back at how 2018 went for us and the hounds that have visited and the things we have learnt this year.

Harnesses – Whilst some can challenge a Mensa guru, we have settled on the Julius K9 harnesses which are super sturdy, don’t put pressure on the dogs neck and most brilliantly, you can have custom made glow in the dark side tags, so we have our mobile and company name on each of the harnesses. fab..

Other new things for this year, include a day bed in the garden, I just know that we will be fighting for space on this glorious bed which will be our go to seating after a walk once the weather gets better. Here it is with the all new waterproof covers, not sure how lovely it will look after a summer of dog snoozing, but i’ll check back in Sept and let you know.