Who do we work for?

We offer Dog Daycare services in Milton Keynes for professional busy people just like you who love their pets beyonds words and want the peace of mind that when they have to leave them to go to work, head into London for a meeting, visit relatives, attend an appointment, that their little dog is not alone, is not pining and doesnt suffer separation anxiety.  We will love your little dog like our own.  They will have the run of the house and can enjoy a variety of sunspots to snooze away their afternoon after a long run out in the morning.

Puppy Daycare

You’ve got your lovely new puppy and now need a puppy daycare solution which is safe and calm to give you peace of mind to leave them. They will get used to being outside of their home and coming to Little Dog Lodgings will help with their socialising  skills with other dogs in a controlled environment and  make sure they have a wonderful time.  We’ll send you texts and pictures through the day as we know how scary it is to leave a little one.

Day care for puppies under 6 months £27 per day for adhoc bookings or £25 for regular bookings ( 4 per month)


We offer a 15% discount for additional dogs from the same home.

  • 01| DROP AND GO

    • We accept dogs arriving here between 8.00am and 9.00am. There is parking on the lane so you can drop of your little dog and collect again between 4.00 and 6.00pm without having to keep the car running and hope you dont run into a traffic warden.
    • Nice and easy.
    • Perfect for those with a regular work day routine looking for doggie day care support
    • £27 per day per dog – adhoc /occasional bookings                                         £25 per day for regular bookings ( 4 bookings per month)


    • For a little bit more, we can  collect your little one and bring them to our home for the day/night. We will then deliver them safe and sound back home so that you can enjoy the ‘where you been?‘ welcome dance whenever you get home !
    • Hassle free
    • Leave home at your regular time
    • Collections between 7.30- 9.00am and returns 5.30- 6.30pm
    • £29 per day per dog + 40p per mile.


    • For the ultimate stress free moment, take your dog to the station and we’ll meet you there, you head for the 7.55 to Euston and we’ll head off to enjoy your dogs company for the day. Just text us to let us know which train you’re coming home on and we’ll meet you at MKC so you can head off home with your little hounddog.
    • Super convenient
    • No rush no fuss
    • £30 per day £5 extra if we have the company of your dog into the evening.( up to 9.30pm)


We offer a 15% discount for additional dogs from the same home.


  • Perfect if you are heading into town for the Theatre a meeting, a party etc to give you peace of mind when letting your hair down and coming home late or staying overnight. Your little dog is welcome to stay overnight with us as we settle down to watch the TV, have a little play and sleep the night away in our home.  Collections the following morning are between 8.00 am – 9.15 am

      • Can sleep anywhere that fits in with their usual routine
      • Overnight is from 6.00pm onwards to 9.15 am
      • Bring a bed and favourite toy
      • £22 per sleepover per dog collected by 9.15am

      • £6 extra for a late check out to Midday

      • £35 for each full 24 hours. Reduced fee of £32 when booking a minimum of 3 consecutive nights. £30 for 4+ nights.

  • 05| DOG BOARDING 24 hours

  • If you have to go away overnight for a training course or your annual two weeks somewhere fabulous or just fancy a midweek getaway, we can offer you a home from home for your dog.  They will have company all day, enjoy 1-2 walks, depending on needs and usual routine and will be a welcome playmate for Walter, our Cockerpoo..

    Drop off anytime on the first day and collect at anytime that suits you before 6.00pm on the final day. Pricing is on a 24 hour day rate and the time starts when you drop off your little fur baby!

      • Can sleep anywhere that fits in with their usual routine
      • Lots of walks and cuddles
      • Bring a bed and favourite toy and enough food for the duration of their stay.
      • Lots of texts and pictures so you can see your doggie having a great time.
      • £35 per 24 hours.  

      • Day care rates apply on collection day.

      • Reduced fee of £32  for three consecutive nights/£30 for 4+ nights.